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I teach entrepreneurs to maximize their marketing budget/ efforts to achieve sustainable, consistent returns.  

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I'm William Palmer

And I Believe...

  • You should be in complete control of your marketing assets and strategies (not at the whim of some agency).
  • Client/ customer acquisition shouldn't be pay to play.
  • The right content marketing strategy provides the perfect platform for your business growth. 
  • Your business venture deserves to succeed. 

Let's Talk About You

You've got an idea and a dream. 

Great online marketing can take that idea and use it to unlock your dream, but it's not simple or straightforward. 

You'll think about outsourcing the writing and the advertising.

But as well costing a whole lot of money, this takes control away from you. 

Control over your dream. 

The truth is, there's a different way, and I want to show you it. 

You see the online world as the key to the lifestyle you want to lead.

Whether that be through selling a product, becoming an industry authority, creating and selling online courses, or affiliate marketing. 

You just don't know how to get your ideas in front of your target audience and guide them into taking action.

But, you know there's a way, and you're prepared to put the effort into finding the answer. 

Show me how to take control of my marketing!

Gain Control Over Your Marketing Success

Content and Copywriting Skills

Learn the skills you need to attract your target audience and convince them to take action. 

Do it Yourself marketing strategy

Take complete control of your marketing strategy by leveraging your hidden talents.

outsourced marketing strategy

Not a writer? No worries, learn how to run the show while utilizing other people's talents.

Why Me?

I don't want you to have to pay for every visitor that comes to your website.

And I don't want your success to be measured in traffic. 

I want to show you how to achieve what matters - conversions. 

I've worked with some of the most recognized names in online marketing. I've seen that it works - but only if you have the right focus.

Now, I want to work with you. 

"I help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals."

Working with my coach was a transformative experience. Their insights and guidance helped me to gain clarity on my goals and develop a roadmap to achieve them.

Jenny Roberts  

/ Blogger

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Hear what they say

Incredibly supportive, she helped me to develop a plan of action that felt both achievable and exciting.

Anna Smith

UI/UX Designer 

I feel grateful to have found such a wonderful coach, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to make positive changes in their life.

Paul Simons

Financial Consultant

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