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Becoming a freelance writer is a daunting task. Believe us, we know! When we started out, we had so many unanswered questions, so many unknowns.  

We trod the freelance writing path, we stood on a few landmines, but mostly, we came out unscathed and now we’ve turned our writing into a successful freelance writing business.  

That’s why we’ve put together Think Freelance Writing. All our articles detail 7 ways to improve the most important aspects of your freelance writing career. These tips may be simple, but they’ve proven to be key in everything we’ve done.  

We want to see you make a success of your freelance writing dreams, so why not share your experience with us?

Enjoy doing what you love!  

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What’s Holding You Back?

So, you’re here to pursue the dream job! Live and work from wherever you like, earn a passive income, tune up your skills and live the dream as a freelance writer.

Well, (unsurprisingly) it’s not that easy! Like all great gigs, there are tons of people trying to tread the same path and therefore tons of competition. Traditional markets for freelancers such as Upwork and Fiverr are over-saturated, driving down prices and making it difficult for new writers to standout.

You know you’re a good writer, but how do you get the confirmation that you need to know you’re on the right career path? How do you announce to the world that you’re a great writer and you’re ready to pen some Earth-shattering copy

We know how you feel because we were you. We knew deep down that we had a talent that could earn us good money. We just needed someone to acknowledge we had that ability, help us to fine-tune our skills, and provide us with the perfect market.

Since we took that first step, our confidence has grown enormously and from starting out as freelance writers, we now own 10 profitable websites.

We were lucky to stumble upon the right path, but what has happened since is anything but luck. We want to make sure that your career is not left down to luck in any way at all, so now we’re sharing our secrets to give you a helping hand in your first steps.

    First – ask yourself these four questions…

  1. Belief – Do you believe you can do this?
  2. Work Ethic – Am I willing to work hard enough to succeed?
  3. Time – Can I make the necessary time commitments?
  4. Interests – Is there a niche where I have expert knowledge?
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Latest Posts

Focused hard work is the real key to success. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it.

John Carmack

Your Next Steps

  1. Read our free resources and get yourself ready to enter the freelance writing market.
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  3. Commit to the process.
  4. Join the market – you’ve got to get yourself out there, and we recommend Writing Jobs Online as the ideal place to start.
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Get To Know Us

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“I was drawn to freelance writing through my niche. I’d spent my whole life playing tennis and I was looking for a way to still be involved with the sport I loved whilst still making good money.

I think things were just meant to be because now I have more time for tennis than I ever have because it’s part of my job! Freelance writing gives you so much flexibility to put the the things that you’re passionate about at the center of your life.

My passion was tennis and freelance writing helped me turn that into a full time income, but for you, the possibilities are endless. If you put the effort in then you can turn your passions into your career like I did.”

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“I’ve loved writing since early on in high school. I had a habit of writing creative pieces that would land me in the principal’s office, but now I’ve used my passion to get me my own office.

It didn’t occur to me that I could actually make a living through my writing until I met up with an old school friend who asked if I was still writing. Since then, I’ve been on a voyage of discovery that has seen me make a fair few mistakes as a freelance writer, but also have some great successes. 

Having taken that first step and jumped whole heartedly into freelance writing, I couldn’t imagine my life any other way. I hope my experiences can help others make a livng from doing what they love, just as freelance writing has done for me.”

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