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May 28, 2019 | Freelance Writing

7 Social Media Hacks to Gain More Freelance Writing Gigs

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Written By: author image Larry
author image Larry
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Freelance writing is a brilliant career that gives you job satisfaction, a fantastic potential source of income and the freedom to spend your time how you see fit.

It’s a wonderful profession which is why we decided to build this website – to share some of the best freelance writing tips we’ve come across and have used in our own work as freelance writers.

If you’ve reached us, then the chances are you already know how to write and you want to either put your passion to work in order to create a flexible job for yourself or you are interested in enhancing your already established career as a freelance writer.

Either way, you’ll need to successfully convince companies you’re the right candidate to write for them, and in an ever increasingly competitive market, this is not always easy.

Use Social Media to Enhance Ghostwriting

So How Do You Use Social Media To Separate Yourself As The Best Freelance Candidate?

What many would be freelance writers fail to see is that your job is just as much about marketing yourself as it is writing content. Thankfully, Social Media provides a ready-made platform for you to tell the world of your ingenious writing style – you just need to be able to leverage it!

Being an effective social media marketer is not easy, it requires patience and dedication as well as a thorough knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Our “7 Social Media Hacks to Gain more Freelance Writing Gigs”, will help you sell yourself and secure those all-important jobs!

The 7 social media hacks you can leverage to win more freelance writing jobs are;

  1. Sharing
  2. Sharing to Groups
  3. Build Your Own Brand
  4. Add People
  5. Comment & Engage
  6. Use Your Niche
  7. Don’t Forget To Sell Yourself!

Share Your Content More than Once!

This is the easiest hack in marketing you will ever see! But as easy as it is, very few marketers do it. It’s simple;

..If you write an article for a company and they share it on their blog, go and find that blog and schedule it to be shared 6 times throughout the year on as many social media platforms as you can.

The key to this hack is writing a piece which has no ‘sell by date.’ By sell by date I mean the article you have written should not be old news in a couple of weeks. For example, if I write a news article for a tennis company wanting to drive traffic to their site, there would be little point of me sharing who won yesterday’s match, three months from now.

The story would be old news and I would look out of touch by sharing it on my social media platforms.

However, if I write a groundbreaking, earth-shattering masterpiece on how to hit a forehand like Roger Federer, then I need to share that content at least 6 times a year!

Why 6 times a year? Well, if I only share my Federer forehand article once, I am only going to reach the audience available that day.

There could be a legion of Federer fans somewhere in the world who lost all means of communication that day who would have loved my article and shared it to all of their friends. By sharing it only the once, I miss out on that opportunity.

For the sake of spending an extra two minutes scheduling content to be shared 6 times a year, you will triple the amount of attention you receive for the same amount of work input.

You may have witnessed this already when someone tags you in something you tagged them in a year ago! The big Social Media companies do it, and you should too! Maximize your work by re-sharing good content.

Sharing to Groups

Ever read a seemingly mundane and yawn-tastic piece of writing which has somehow clocked up a mouthwatering amount of shares?

It happens all the time and it’s often because of a company somewhere spending either time or money to have the content shared in specific channels for them.

You’d be amazed to find some companies have entire teams of ‘Social Media Technicians’ spending days sharing content to certain groups, in comments of influential profiles or in areas targeted to a certain demographic.

Now, there’s no need to go to this extent. However, if you spend ten minutes sharing your content into targeted groups on different social media channels, you will see a huge reward.

For example, let’s say I magically woke up with some sort of artistic ability, combined with a mean dexterity and an endless amount of time to spend my days’ knitting. I become so prolific at knitting that I decide to write about the hobby, giving tips and insight into my knitting talent and knowledge.

I write a blog, 7 hacks to master knitting in one night, and want to spread my teachings to all knitting enthusiasts…How do I share my experience with the knitting community?

With a simple search on Facebook for ‘knitting,’ look at the audience available to me!

In the first page alone I have 1.3 million knitting enthusiasts to share my expertise to.

You can just join the groups and share your content but to be even more successful, you should participate in the discussion and contribute to the community.

By networking, I might find a knitting company that would dearly love to have me as a freelance writer.  Alternatively, I might see an opportunity to share another of my articles that may solve a member’s issue.

Sharing to targeted niches is an exceptional Social Media strategy and one that can provide exponential exposure to your written work.

These groups are not just exclusive to Facebook, they’re on every channel, so do some exploring and find the best place to share content on your niche.

Don’t forget to make note of the articles that receive a lot of attention and add them to your portfolio!

Build Your Own Social Media

How to build your own social media platform for freelance writing

If you’re reading this, you were probably already thinking you need to do some social media work. ‘Build your own social media’ doesn’t seem like much of a hack does it!?

Building your own social media is not groundbreaking and you’ll find a lot, if not a majority of freelance writers have their own social media, advertising their writing skills and the niche they’re interested in.

But I’m not talking about building a ‘Hi, I’m Lawrence and I like to write’ kind of social media; I’m talking about building a social media presence that influences others in a certain niche.

For example, the niche my brother and I find the most success with is tennis. We run a company that sells tennis ball hoppers and other sports ball collectors and are heavily involved in the online tennis community, with a Facebook and Instagram following of close to 7,000 followers, a further 7,000 Twitter followers and consistent marketing on Reddit.

When we bid for freelance tennis jobs, we highlight this immediately and explain that we will share our content through our available social media channels.

Tennis companies, given the choice of taking on a freelance writer which displays a generic freelance writing social media or influential tennis related social media will pick us every time.

To build your social media, figure out your niche, research which social media is most prevalent and start to build a niche related presence which highlights and sells yourself as a freelance writer.

Add People

Having an idea of what you want to achieve when building your social media is one thing but knowing how to do it is often the hurdle most people struggle with.

Unfortunately, there’s not an all-encompassing hack that will magically grow your social media, it is instead a journey of consistent quality work that will build an audience.

However, there are some quick, easy tricks to help grow your social media following fast and one of them is simply adding friends, or subscribing to other people’s channels.

If you follow 100 people in your niche, you’d be amazed as to how many people follow you back. If you’re sharing interesting content on your niche, and you add someone interested in that niche, the chances are they’re going to check out this stranger who has just subscribed to their channel or requested to follow them.

If they like what they see, then guess what!? You’ve just gained a follower. It may not seem the easiest way of gaining followers, but you have to start somewhere and this is one easy way of getting going.

Comment and engage with others and with groups

Just as with adding or requesting to follow people, the same is true for engaging in niche related groups or commenting on other profiles.

By starting a conversation or engaging in other profiles, you put your name directly in front of them and the chances are, if they like what they see, they’ll follow you back.

Use Your Niche

Understanding your niche is vital when growing a strong social media platform. When one thinks of social media, they often think of the obvious, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

However, the most engaged individuals within a niche often use alternative sources for communication.

For example, in the tennis world, the most enthusiastic supporters are often found in online tennis forums dotted around various websites that sell tennis apparel and equipment.

Forums are free for anyone to post a topic of discussion to or comment on any discussion and are a great way of pointing audiences to your work.

By finding where everyone in your niche hangs out, you can push them to your social media channels, your blog, or the articles you’ve written for one of your freelance writing jobs.

If you haven’t already, check out Reddit and type in your niche; you’ll be amazed at the number of people involved in the conversation and the intensity of which they view and respond to information in your niche.

Network & Sell Yourself

Building a Social Media presence isn’t easy. If you don’t provide consistent noteworthy content, people won’t subscribe to your channel. Even if you provide consistently brilliant content specific to a group of people, there’s no guarantee it will take off for months or even years.

With such a difficult task ahead it’s easy to lose sight of the real reason you’re building an online social media presence in the first place and that is to win more freelance writing jobs.

No matter how many followers you have, how often you post or how many social media accounts you have, bear in mind that all of it is to enhance or serve as a portfolio for you to point to when bidding for freelance writing positions.

If you have 500 engaged followers on twitter that love your articles, show the prospective company screenshots of the comments and engagement your writing creates.

If you share a post 6 times over a year in targeted niche groups and your article goes viral with thousands of shares, make sure you put that right where potential employers can see it!

Always think about building your portfolio and leveraging it to your advantage.

In addition, make sure you network with the most engaged individuals in your niche; comment on their work and push them to look at yours. Try and start a conversation; you’ll often find they are a gateway to many more writing jobs.

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