Use Social Media to Enhance Ghostwriting

Freelance writing is a brilliant career that gives you job satisfaction, a fantastic potential source of income and the freedom to spend your time how you see fit. It’s a wonderful profession which is why we decided to build this website – to share some of the best freelance writing tips we’ve come across and have used in our own work as freelance writers. If you’ve reached us, then the chances are you already know how to write and you want to either put your…Continue Reading “7 Social Media Hacks to Gain More Freelance Writing Gigs”

The SEO Guide To Freelance Writing So you want to be able to use SEO to help get you those vital writing gigs? Well, there’s good news; if you can write well and put a little bit of time into learning SEO you’re going to get more jobs. Simply by researching SEO and reading top SEO blogs from experts in the field, the chances are you’re going to know as much as half the people out there claiming to be SEO pros! That’s right! You…Continue Reading “Guide to Freelance Writing – 7 Ways to Leverage SEO to Your Advantage”