Thinking of Starting a Freelance Writing Career?

I Will Help You Overcome These Doubts

  • Being scared to take the first step
  • Not knowing what the first step is
  • Being unsure about your writing skills
  • Not knowing how to get better paying clients

Build Your Freelance Writing Career Starting Now

Professional Writing Coach – William Palmer

I understand what it feels like to have doubts about starting a career as a freelance writer.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was in the exact same position as you. I wanted to break away from a punishing work schedule doing something I wasn’t interested in. Instead, I wanted to make the most of the talents I’ve been given and use them to build something for myself.

I was lucky enough to embark on this project pre-pandemic, so I was perfectly positioned to sit at home doing something I loved – and earning great money from it. It’s not too late for you do to the same, but it’s a lot easier if you have an experienced hand guiding you through the process.

My name is William Palmer and I now write for some of the biggest names in marketing.

Now I’m going to help you get your freelance writing career of the ground.

Book your free 30 minute consultation and take the first step.

Personal Face-to-Face Online Coaching

Work with someone who’s done it himself. I’ll show you the steps it takes to work with some of the biggest names in the industry and build your freelance writing career from scratch.

A personalized plan for success based on your skills and goals.

Focused advice on writing for the internet from a digital marketing and writing expert.

Someone to give you the confidence you need to take the first steps.

Why Work with Me?

There are lots of successful freelance writers out there – why should you work with me?

SEO and online marketing expert. I write for some of the biggest marketing blogs in the world.

I started at the beginning – just like you. I know what it takes to take the first steps.

Empathetic yet challenging coaching style that will push you to become a better writer.

Experience building my authoirty website to over 60,000 visitors a month.

Inside knowledge of how big publishers create content, and how you can use this to your advantage.

High-level editorial skills to give you the best possible feedback on your work.